Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Post birthday

I launched a new service for my business last week and as I made a graphic to use in promoting it, my daughter Caitlin suggested that I should be putting it on Instagram. The problem with that is that I didn't have a smart phone and Instagram isn't designed for use from a PC. 
Caitlin decided to ask all her siblings for a contribution and they bought me my first ever smart phone, which arrived today.
The photo above is my first ever smart phone photo, poorly lit but still, a photo taken by a phone.

The cake is an orange, blackberry and mascarpone cake that we had for Liam's birthday. He turned 23 yesterday but we did the whole cake thing tonight. It followed a dinner of mashed potato, broccoli and slow cooked pork shoulder. Simple, home cooked food but all delicious and the girls organised all of it. After all of that, it makes a whinge about waiting for the bathroom sound pretty petty :)

I was glad to welcome a new visitor to my blog last week: Country  Mum from the blog [Farm-ily]
She takes spectacular photos from her family farm in the NSW  Riverina so if you don't know her, it's worth a visit. There is also a brand new photography blog on the block  "A Year in the Life",  it's creator, Amanda is posting a picture for each day of this year and so far she covers a range of styles and subjects. You might like to pay a visit there, too.

I expect tomorrow will be comparatively boring, it's hard to top a new phone and delicious cake!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Things I get sick of....

Things I am actually sick to death of:

  • waiting hours for the bathroom every. damned. night
  • grumpy people
  • answering a thousand questions that would answer themselves with a little bit of "watch and wait"
  • people drinking coffee in church
  • kids sitting on the altar in church
  • having to go get glasses to read anything
  • people laughing at me because i end up just not reading some things
  • dishes
  • whole loads of socks and underwear, making 2375 items to be hung out at once
  • waiting for the bathroom
  • when my menu needs to be subtly changed every single day like when i plan on potato salad but someone wants mash or i plan on broccoli but someone wants zucchini
  • towels. towels that need to be washed, towels that were washed, towels that nobody knows if they are clean, towels that were used for one swim and then left around adding to the towel problem
  • people who get antsy when i try to help them
  • no hand rail on the steps so i struggle to get in and out of my own house
  • the dishwasher door that falls off every time it's opened
when i started this blog ten-ish years ago i determined that it would be a positive space but you can have too much of anything.......

Sunday, 7 January 2018

empty streets

There is a magic in the work I do. There is the beauty of seeing a woman reach to the depths of her being to bring her baby into the world, the tenderness of  a man as he becomes "dad" and accompanies his partner in her pathway to "mum". There is the freshness and hope of a new baby. Every moment of it is a time of unfurling, blossoming humanity.

These things are obvious but I also take joy in the moments I spend all alone: cruising along near empty roads with the windows down, cool night air swirling, setting my focus on the family I will serve, thinking of their unique goals and challenges.

I enjoy driving over a glassy river, lights twinkling and reflecting from the dark. Sometimes I am travelling at dawn and the changing colours of the sky remind me of my own first labour, the way I watched the colour of the sky through just a sliver of window as I sucked on gas and wondered how long it would take.

One time I wandered from a city hospital in the early hours and found a large white feather on the ground. I picked up the feather and appreciated it's owner, a large bird surviving in the urban jungle.

Today's own little piece of magic came as I walked to the car park at 4.20. The sky was still inky but a magpie was hunting, catching and dropping a large insect several times to eventually grab it and run away from me as though I would steal the sticky looking prize.